Get to Know Jennifer Dolence


I look forward to a good book, knitting, and spending time with the Two Best Cats a girl could ask for!

Personal Insight:

I believe in being a good and hardworking person. You don’t work a day in your life if you love what you do!


It is still a surreal feeling to be part of such an amazing architectural firm with a wonderful family atmosphere. I feel very fortunate for the opportunities and challenges DPA has trusted me with over the last 6 years, both in Interior Design and Architecture and I look forward to continuing to grow both professional and personally for many years to come!

Best Advice Received: 

“Creative Freedom – Not my Credit Card” – best advice I have received from a very talented client. Not all beautiful ideas come from champagne price tags!

Best Advice to Share:

“Measure twice – Cut Once” – I thank my Dad for teaching me this one at a very young age; it applies to so much more in life than just cutting lumber.